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What can a Utility Broker do for You and your Business?

Ever used an Insurance Broker, or a Real Estate Broker? Why not a Telecom or Energy Broker? Telecommunication, Gas and Electric are the life line of your company and is ever changing. Let an unbiased broker work on your behalf to find the optimal services for your company.

Brokered Services at No Cost to You
Smith Utility Group has been a broker Since 1991 and represents over 35 carriers. We specialize in helping small to medium sized businesses with no telecom or energy professionals on staff, to find the best service available.

Low Price Guarantee, Find a better price and we'll match it, plus give you 10% discount!

Let Us Work for You
•No pushy salesman to work with ever again.
•Our Low Price Guarantee assures you that you can't get a better price going direct.
•Don't know what you need? Our product specialist will walk you through an evaluation to assess your needs.
•Eliminate bias; go with a broker who will find the best solution for you!
•Add a second resource for customer support, again, at no cost.
•Let your SUG product specialist be your "in-house" professional.


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